Revision 750 [ Xors3d ]

Friday, 16 March 2012 07:24

  • new entity blend mode 7 (TEXBLEND_MASKINGALPHA)
  • new texture flags: FLAGS_GR16F (8192) and FLAGS_GR32F (16384).
  • splash screen. See documentation for more details
Added new samples:


  • freeing of the streaming terrain.
  • joint used wrong entity transformation if the transformation was modified after attaching the physical body
  • waking entity up enabled physics simulation if it was disabled previously
  • crash on freeing the light which casts the shadows
  • fixed 1-frame lag during physics update for entities with the bones
  • “physics lag” when a lot of bodies being simulated
  • “crash on termination” issue
  • rotation of compound body’s children
  • rendering of the rectangle
  • hiding of the 3d-lines
  • the size of the app window without the frame and caption
  • trial timer is now always drawn with the default font
  • “Can’t destroy the render window” issue


  • now xSaveImage can save in BMP, PNG, JPG, DDS, TGA depending on the file extension (in lower case).
  • now the textures created with xCreateTexture() have automatically generated mipmaps if FLAGS_MIPMAPPED (8) is set. Pay attention: using mipmaps for render targets may cause visual issues. Disable mipmapping if any problems occur.
  • xSetFont(0) sets the default engine font (Tahoma, 10)
  • slightly improved the speed of setting the texture / image buffer as a render target in some cases
  • xSaveImage() and xSaveBuffer can save images on disk in BMP, PNG, JPG, TGA, DDS format depending on the file extension (case insensitive).
  • now Sprites are pickable (by box, polygon and sphere geometry).

Revision 165 [ iXors3d ]

Saturday, 31 December 2011 12:35

Added xImageAngle().
Added xUpdateAudio(). Use it if you don’t need to call xRenderWorld().
Added xFontColor().
Added ‘tmp://’ and ‘cache://’ file protocols.
Now xDrawImage() uses float coordinates.
Now xRotateImage(), xRotateFont() and  xSetGlobalRotate() use float angle.
Now AudioManager handles application interruption correctly.
Fixed changing of the viewport if atlases are used.

(Hotfix) Revision 738 [ Xors3d ]

Thursday, 8 December 2011 09:59

Fixed a typo which disallowed changing of the entity’s picking mode.


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